STARCRO is a freely available block-chain platform
service that anyone can use in anywhere at anytime with any type of device and network.

KYC&Whitelist registration is REQUIRED

100% Bonus  for the ICO participation

STARCRO ICO (3/20 ~ 4/2)
Base(XSCT) 20 XSCT
Bonus rate(%) 100%
Additional token(XSCT) 20 XSCT
Total(XSCT) 40 XSCT

※ Participation is available only by one decimal unit of ETH

ETH raised : 451 ETH

Token distributed : 269,360 XSCT

STARCRO Contract Address :

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STARCRO is a freely available block-chain platform service that anyone can use in anywhere at any time with any type of device and network. It has maximized the efficiency of mining and it provides a practical platform through STARCRO cards issuance, self-currency exchange, and wallet service.

PoX (Proof of eXpansion)

STARCRO creates a super-connected society where people and systems are all connected. Rather than redistributing wealth, our company will democratically create wealth and provide fair and even-handed compensation to our participants.

PoX, an independent consensus algorithm used by the STARCRO platform, is an extension or relationship proof. PoX has a multiplex structure consisting of maximum of 12 linkers from different stages including myself. Individual referral hyperlink and referral code(ID) are given to individual.

By spreading these hyperlinks and codes throughout the network, one can receive compensation based on the number and participation of the provers. In addition, one can receive additional interest on the XSC the person owns.


Jungyong Kim


Dylan Park

  • Board Member

Allan Jo

  • Board Member

John Kwon

  • Branch Manager

Daniel Shin

  • Principal Researcher

Ethan Lee

  • Principal Researcher

Mateo Jeong

  • Senior Researcher

Jane Park

  • Senior Researcher

Logan Son

  • Senior Researcher

Mark Peterson

  • M.A. and Ph.D from Harvard University

Jeffrey P. Harvey

  • Head of Business Development at SaaS Insights Technology

Simon Lee

  • Professor, Department of Business Analytics, CHA University, M.S. Ph.D from George Washington University

Hubert Huh

  • HM Global 1 CEO, B.A from New York University

Yongbin Eym

  • Ph.D from KAIST University,
    GRD Tech CEO

Jikwon Han

  • Palgong ENC CEO, Former Board Member of Hebron Star Consulting Firm