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Provers are connected via PoX system
to unite the world


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  • Soon-duk Kim

    the vice president of Daegu
    Gyungbuk branch of Korean Women Entrepreneurs Association

    Soon-duk Kim

    PoX algorithm is very fresh and new.
    Congratulations, CEO Jung-yong Kim.

    Starcro is a cryptocurrency revolution in that the profit is distributed as a reward to the users without mining hardware or electricity cost.

    I see the bright future of Starcro spreading to the world. CEO Jung-yong Kim! You are a pioneer in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and we are proud of you as the same Korean.

    Congratulations again!

  • Sang-gyu Lee

    Ph.D. of Literature from Kyungbuk University

    Sang-gyu Le

    The best purpose of a corporation is to maximize the profit.

    In that sense, Starcro’s PoX system is like a well known Korean metaphor meaning “Benefit all humankind.” We welcome and congratulate the new system that no one has ever thought of.

    May the success of Starcro benefit many people.

  • Hubert Huh

    candidate of the member of Draper city council, Utah.

    Hubert Huh

    I am from Salt Lake City in the United States which is 9800km away from Korea.

    The event that researchers and the President Myung-hwa Kim agreed upon the MOU here in Utah, the Next Silicon Valley, was groundbreaking and a pleasant news to me.

    Again, I congratulate the start of STARCRO and wish the best of success.

  • Yong-bin Im

    professor of KAIST


    I am Yong-bin Im, a professor from KAIST Advanced Bio Health Innovation Program. Cryptocurrency field is becoming a mainstream in the world market.

    Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Starcro has its unique technology called PoX system. There is a long way to go in the market, however, I believe the Starcro Team makes a great effort and I will support Starcro as far as I can.

    Wish the best success with your core technology.

  • Jung-ok Lee

    professor of Uiduk University


    I am Jung-ok Lee, a professor from Uiduk University.

    I am interested in the globalization of Korean literature as my major is Korean Traditional Literature.
    Even though I do not have much knowledge about blockchain technology as a humanity scholar, I have a strong faith in Starcro and its patent-pending algorithm that compensates the defaults of cryptocurrencies.

    I feel humanity from Starcro’s rewards system in which anyone using the service can reap the rewards democratically compared to unfair centralized mining.

    As Korean cryptocurrency, I expect Starcro to be the world’s best cryptocurrency with its honesty and transparency.

  • Hillary

    Ahimuse manager


    Hi, I'm Hillary.
    I'm the manager of Ahi-Muse.

    We're proud to be celebrating
    the release of a new cryptocurrency Starcro.
    Starcro is the first multi platform service available with Proof of eXpansion.

    With connection and association,
    Starcro will change the world.



STARCRO is a freely available block-chain platform service that anyone can use in anywhere at any time with any type of device and network. It has maximized the efficiency of mining and it provides a practical platform through STARCRO cards issuance, self-currency exchange, and wallet service.


STARCRO uses an independent protocol called PoX. In addition, STARCRO PROVER (SP) who are participating in PoX is entitled to use all kinds of service including communication, finance, social media, etc. Connect more provers through introduction hyperlinks and referral codes.

PoX (Proof of eXpansion)

STARCRO creates a super-connected society where people and systems are all connected. Rather than redistributing wealth, our company will democratically create wealth and provide fair and even-handed compensation to our participants.

PoX, an independent consensus algorithm used by the STARCRO platform, is an extension or relationship proof. PoX has a multiplex structure consisting of maximum of 12 linkers from different stages including myself. Individual referral hyperlink and referral code(ID) are given to individual.

By spreading these hyperlinks and codes throughout the network, one can receive compensation based on the number and participation of the provers. In addition, one can receive additional interest on the XSC the person owns.

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2017. Q1

Begins its STARCRO project

2017. Q2

Established STARCRO lab.

2017. Q3

Made its business agreement with PAYBOT CO., Ltd

Made its business agreement with JACLYN CO., Ltd

2017. Q4

Held the block-chain forum [Regional shared economy and policy direction]

2018. Q1

STARCRO opening ceremony

Established overseas foundation


2018. Q2


Established overseas branch STARCRO CHINA

2018. Q3


Established overseas branch STARCRO JAPAN

Distributed STARCRO Wallet

STARCRO Pre-Mining

2018. Q4

Created STARCRO Genesis

Distributed DApp

Established STARCRO Currency Exchange

2019. Q1

Established STARCRO deposit station

Released STARCRO Prepaid Card

Issued STARCRO Virtual Card


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